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Special Call for Applications for Business Climate Reforms Technical Assistance Grants
5 Jul 2013

The Compete Caribbean Program has approved a US$500,000 facility to support the implementation of high priority reforms (“quick wins”) that emanated from the deliberation of the Caribbean Growth Forum National Chapters. These are grant resources that can fund short term consultancies valuing no more than US$50,000.

To ensure the selection criteria are simple and straightforward, they include:

1.    The consultancy must be directly related to the actions/activities included in a CGF national action plan for the country.
2.    The consultancy should ultimately lead to an improvement in the Ease of Doing Business rankings/improvement in the Global Competitiveness rankings.
3.    The consultancy service/s must be implementable within six months.
4.    The entity requesting the consultancy must be fully committed to facilitate and support the supervision of the consultancy services requested.
5.    Priority will be given to those actions that will be co-funded by the entity requesting support from Compete Caribbean even though this is not a condition for requesting support.

Letters Of Request

To access these resources, please send a Letter of Request (signed by an authorized Government representative – Prime Minister, Minister of Government, Permanent Secretary, Director or equivalent) and copied to the Caribbean Growth Forum national focal point, outlining the objective of the consultancy and the expected impact on the business environment in the country.

Support Template

Letters of Request should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “Request for Support under the CGF Facility” in the subject line.

A template for the Letter of Request can be accessed by clicking this link.

To make an attempt at ensuring that all eligible countries have a relatively equal opportunity to benefit from the facility, a first come first serve methodology will be used for the first eligible application received from each country. All subsequent applications from any country already benefiting from the facility will be reviewed and compared across countries after the deadline, at which point those that most closely fit the selection criteria will be financed.

The window for the submission of requests closes @ COB September 30, 2013.

Do you have an innovative idea with the potential to increase exports and create jobs in the Caribbean? Bring it to life!
19 Jun 2013

Submit your proposal to Compete Caribbean between July 1 and September 15, 2013 and compete for up to US$500,000 to develop your idea! We welcome any innovative project, from any economic sector and any size of firm. However all firms must be resident in a CARIFORUM country and be prepared to provide counterpart funding of 50% of the cost of the project (of which up to 50% can be in kind).

Apply Here