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When was the EPA signed?

In October 2008 by 14 CARIFORUM states, (Haiti signed in December 2009).

What is it?

It is a comprehensive, reciprocal Trade and Development Agreement between the European Union and CARIFORUM Member States that involves trade in goods and services, investment and trade related issues (competition, innovation, sustainable development for example).

What does the EPA replace?

It replaces the trade component of the Cotonou Agreement, which is a trade and development cooperation agreement between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. The Cotonou agreement was signed in June 2000 in Cotonou, Benin, by 78 ACP countries (excluding Cuba, who is a member of the ACP Group, but was not eligible to sign the Agreement) and the then 15 Member States of the European Union. The EU increased its membership by 12 between 2004 and 2007 so that it now comprises twenty-seven (27) member states.

What is in the EPA?

The EPA is divided into six parts and contains annexes and protocols. The main sections are as follows:

Part I: Trade Partnership for Sustainable Development

Part II: Trade and Trade-related Matters

  • Title I. Trade in Goods
  • Title II. Investment, Trade in Services and E-commerce
  • Title III. Current Payments and Capital Movements
  • Title IV. Trade-related Issues

Part III: Dispute Avoidance and Settlement

Part IV: General Exceptions

Part V: Institutional Provisions

Part VI: General and Final Provisions

Seven Annexes {Due to its size, the CARIFORUM Schedule of Tariff Liberalization for goods from the EC (Appendix to Annex III) is contained in a separate document but all the schedules for services and investment (Annex IV) are included in the main EPA document}.

Three Protocols

Final Act