Vincentian fashion designer Karen De Freitas has left a mark on the fashion scene following her participation in a fashion design course under the Transcultural Programme in Havana, Cuba. Ms. De Freitas was among 16 Caribbean Fashion designers selected to partake in this initiative, which aims to foster cultural exchange and creativity across Cuba, the Caribbean, and Europe.

The culmination of this enriching experience was the "Fashion in da House" fashion show and awards ceremony held at the Museum of Fine Arts. Showcasing her distinctive line, "Canboulay," Ms. De Freitas captivated the audience and caught the eyes of international jurors, earning her a place among the select few designers awarded a coveted two-month scholarship at the Roj Museum Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ms. De Freitas is expected to travel to Slovenia in June 2024, where she will further hone her craft in the area of fashion design.

The Transcultural Programme is a project funded by the European Union and implemented by UNESCO. The aim of the programme is to integrate Cuba, the Caribbean and Europe through culture and creativity.

In a show of solidarity and support of Ms. De Freitas, Ambassador Ellsworth John and Minister Counsellor Charmane Tappin John attended the Fashion Show.

Ms. De Freitas's remarkable achievements underscore the immense talent and creativity that abound in the Caribbean region. Her journey exemplifies the power of collaboration and cultural exchange in shaping a more vibrant and inclusive global community.



SOURCE: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade