This list is not exhaustive. In the case where a national standard has not been declared for a specific goods being imported, the SVGBS reserves the right to use applicable regional and/or international for such conformity.








Microwave Oven 


Electric Stove

Electric kettle 


Electric Fan

Hot plate



Hair dryer





Washing machine 



Food processor







Music System


Curling iron



AC units



Weights & Measures

Weights and Measures includes

.Scales and other weighing devices used for trade

.Other measuring devices including length measure

ALL food products

.Dry Food products including rice, peas, sugar, canned foods, cereals, pasta etc.

.Juices and Drinks including fruit juices and concentrate

.Beverages including sodas and energy drinks

.Brewery products

.Packaged water including natural packaged water, flavored water etc.

Other commodities/products including Toilet Tissue and Cigarettes

All products imported commodities for trading purposes should be fit for the purpose intended, safe for use and have the requisite quality. An importer should purchase from sources which issue warranties and/or provide certificate of conformity where possible.

An Importer should carefully select supplier (s) who could comply with the quality requirements of the specific product by assessing the potential supplier’s capacity to meet the commitment concerning quality conformance.

A commodity imported should comply with the appropriate Compulsory SVG National Standard for labeling. These standards are as follows:

SVGNS 1: PART 1: 2000   Requirements for Labeling: General   Principles

  1. SVGNS 1: PART 2: 2000 Requirements for Labelling: Pre-packaged Goods
  2. SVGNS 1: PART 3: 2010 (Rev) Requirements for Labelling: Pre- packaged Foods
  3. SVGNS 1: PART 4: 2001 Requirements for Labelling: Domestic Electrical Appliances 
  1. SVGNS 1: PART 5: 2002 Requirements for the Labelling of Retail Packages of Cigarettes
  2. SVGNS 2: 2001 Requirements for the Labelling of Brewery Products