The exporter needs to contact the Veterinary services in the importing country for conditions. The Animal Health Division facilitates as required, which may include:

  • Inspection of animals and verification of documentation .
  • An export health certificate is issued in accordance with the requirements of the importing country.





Restricted Exports 

An Export Permit must be obtained from the Trade Department and signed by the Fisheries Department for the following exports:

  • Lobster, live, chilled or frozen
  • Lobster prepared or preserved
  • Conch, live, fresh, chilled or frozen

Plant Materials

Before plant or plant materials are exported, the Quarantine Officer must inspect the items and if approval is granted, a Phytosanitary certificate will be issued.  The Customs Officer must ensure that a Phytosanitary certificate is issued before he allows the goods to be shipped. A Certificate of Origin will also be issued where applicable.

An Export Permit or License must be obtained from the respective Government Agencies:

Endangered species of plants, bananas and plantains (Export Permit from Plant Quarantine).

Animals, their products and derivatives (Export permit from the Forestry Division).

Bananas (export license from Geest Industries (W.I) Ltd.

Scrap Metal

If required by the importing country, a Certificate of Free Sale can be obtained be the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards.