Department of Trade

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Responsible for:

Issuing of Import Licence with a processing fee of five ($5.00) dollars by way of revenue stamps (obtained from the Treasury Department)


Revenue stamps must be affixed to the application for a Licence obtained from the Ministry with responsibility of Trade.


 At least Forty eight hours required for licence.

See annex xx

·Obtain a $5.00 revenue stamp from the Treasury Department

·Complete the application form in triplicate at the Department of Trade

·The application should be processed in 48 hours


Veterinarian Division

Licence and Permits are necessary before meat and meat products are imported

A twenty four hour (24) notice must be given to the Veterinary Officer by the Importer before the importation of any animal, meat or meat products.

The Importer must also process an Import Permit and a Health Certificate from the origin

Plant Protection and Quarantine

A  Phytosanitary Certificate from the country of export must accompany all plants or vegetables that are being imported.


St.  Vincent  and   the  Grenadines’  Ministry of  Agriculture and

Fisheries plant/plant material import permit must also be obtained from the Plant and Quarantine Division

Public Health Department





Responsible for:

1.Inspection of all imported food whether or not in containers.


1.For the importation of  human remains, the death certificate, the embalm certificate and the tourist certificate must be presented before clearance is given.

Bureau of Standards                     

Responsible for;

 1. Conformity Assessment- A written assurance that a Product conforms to a specific requirement contained In National Standards.


 2. Issuing certificates bearing the Bureau’s mark and seal Confirming the goods consistently comply with the. The standards for quality, safety, reliability or Performance.