• 100% waiver of Import Duty and VAT on animals for breeding, eggs for hatching, bee hives and bee-keeping accessories.
  • Tools and implements for agricultural purposes.
  • Fencing wire which is used exclusively for agricultural purposes.
  • Tractor tyres, Irrigations and Green house
  • Medicine and Remedies for treatment of plants and animals
  • 75% waiver of Import Duty, Exercise Duty and VAT on one small truck or pick up of 1.5 Tons or less on farm. 


  • 100% waiver of Import Duty, VAT on fishing equipment such as hooks, nets, lines, wires, lures, etc.
  • Marine engines of 75 horsepower or less, 115 HP marine engines to be used in the fishing industry. 


Preferential Trade Agreements

St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is obligated to offer lower tariffs to goods originating in the Community.

  • In order to benefit from this, a CARICOM Certificate (for goods manufactured within CARICOM) obtained from exporting country to show goods were manufactured in a CARICOM Member States must accompany the goods to be imported.

European Community

  • The Economic Partnership Agreement between the CARIFORUM States and the European Community provides for lower tariff rates. In order to benefit from such an arrangement, the importer must present a EUR.1 form that verifies that the goods originated in an EC Member State.