Sea Port Operations

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  • Collect and sign documentation from local shipping agency (e.g., Bill of sight, ASYCUDA waybill, delivery etc.)
  • Present National Identification Card to the Port Authority (Kingstown/Campden Park) to collect a Port ID (required for entering the Port compound).
  • Proceed to Port to locate barrel/package and bring to the examination area.
  • Present documents to the Customs Officer to have item (s) examined and valued.
  • Have Bill of Sight authorized by an Assistant Supervisor or an Officer of higher rank.
  • Proceed to the Customs Cashier for assessment of duties payable and make payment.
  • Proceed to the Port Authority’s window/officer to pay port charges and tailgate and collect gate pass.
  • Give copy of gate pass and other release documents to driver to enter Port Authority’s compound.
  • Present gate pass to Port Clerk in the delivery area to facilitate release of the goods from the Port compound.
  • Present gate pass and Customs release order to the port and customs check points for verification before exit.