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Along with knowing their rights, it is the responsibility of each and every consumer to ensure that they are protected.

The Consumer has the RESPONSIBILITY to protect himself/herself  by:

  • Shopping carefully and wisely
  • Understanding the terms of the sale
  • Reading and following instructions
  • Getting guarantees in writing
  • Saving receipts
  • Asking questions at point of sale

Keeping informed about new products

The RESPONSIBILITY of carrying out transactions in a businesslike way, such as reporting unsatisfactory products to retailers and manufacturers in order that they may be removed from shelves and future production.

The RESPONSIBILITY to tell other consumers about any unfair treatment by a retailer or manufacturer so consumers can protect themselves in future dealings.

The RESPONSIBILITY to report apparently unsafe merchandise to Consumer Protection bodies so that they can be tested and, if necessary, removed from the market or be more specifically labeled.

The RESPONSIBILITY to maintain and preserve a healthy environment for future generations.

The RESPONSIBILITY of demanding the best value for money.


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