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Services offered by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Division

1. Import License

The provisions of the Import and Export Control Regulations govern the processing of import and export licenses, and stipulate that importers must obtain a license issued at the discretion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Consumer Affairs before certain products are imported into St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

There are approximately seventy five (75) items for which import license must be obtained prior to importation. The processing of import licenses is done on a daily basis. A stamp duty of XCD5.00 is applied to each application.

2. Export License

Licenses are issued for the exportation of Conch and Lobster. Conch can be exported at any time of the year. Licenses for lobster are only granted during the period allowed by law for the harvesting of this product which is September 1st – April 30th.

3. Price Control

There are approximately 65 items that are subject to the price control provisions of the Price and Distribution of Goods Act.

4. Consumer Protection

This arrangement is the genesis for the institutionalizing of Consumer Affairs and Consumer Protection. The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Division seeks to promote consumer interests through policy guidelines and appropriate legislation in an attempt to minimize conflict and to create a fair trading environment by reforming and reviewing the existing consumer Legislations and Regulations.