Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will join the rest of the world on 15th March, 2020 in celebration of the World Consumer Rights Day under the theme “The Sustainable Consumer”. The aim of this celebration is to bring awareness to the need for sustainable consumption as well as highlight the important role that consumer rights and protection can play.

This year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce will commemorate World Consumer Rights Day with a Week of activities beginning on 15th March to 20th March, 2020.

The week of activities include:

• Sunday 15th March - presentation at Kingstown Methodist Church;

• Monday 16th March - press Conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce;

• Tuesday 17th March - promotion of a Jingle on “what being a sustainable consumer means to me”;

• Wednesday 18th March - students visit to sustainable sites;

• Thursday 19th March - NBC Radio presentation;

• Friday 20th March - Social Media promotion.

The general public is kindly asked to stay update with the aforementioned dates as we celebrate World Consumer Rights Day. The public can also visit the Ministry’s facebook page @ mofsvg or the Ministry’s website at for continuous update of the week’s activities.



SOURCE: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade