The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Commerce and Regional Integration in collaboration with the CARICOM Secretariat will be conducting a training workshop to support the implementation of a project under the 10th EDF on: Strengthening Regulatory and Market Regimes in the CSME.

The overall objective of the project is to assist CARICOM Member States to improve and strengthen the regulatory, administrative and institutional arrangements to enable achievement of the objectives of regional economic integration and the functioning of the Single Market. A key area under this project is the training of Consumer Protection Officials and representatives of NGOs in Consumer Protection Policy and the CARICOM Rapid Alert System for the Exchange of Information on Dangerous Nonfood Goods (CARREX). Additionally, the staff of Ministries with responsibility for competition matters will be trained in Competition Law and Policy.

The training session will take place at the Beachcombers Hotel from Monday, 21st March -Thursday, 24th March, 2016.