Criteria used for the implementation of visa restrictions for nationals of the Dominican Republic, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria and China.

  • Security Treat    -    risk factors involved especially crime.
  • Control             -    allow us to screen persons entering,especially those in possession of fraudulent travel documents

The local fee charged for a Visa is EC$200.00.

Process for applying for visa:

Persons from the above named countries must apply to the Ministry of National Security in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The application, along with supporting information, is forwarded to us via fax.  At our end, we arranged an interview with the proposed sponsor.  Based on the information provided, we make a determination as to whether or not a Visa should be granted.

Key factors we look for when someone applies for a Visa are:

  • Ability to maintain him or herself financially
  • Evidence of Employment
  • Evidence of Accommodation
  • Period for which Visa is applied
  • Invitational letter from Sponsor
  • Evidence of Sponsor’s status on the island
  • Police Record (Applicant)